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Quality Assurance


    National Cables Industry is committed to lead Low Voltage, Medium Voltage, High Voltage cables, wires and conductor industry in the region by meeting National, International, and Regulatory and Customer requirements. We will ensure that our products will perform their intended use safely, consistently and reliably.
    National Cables Industry is committed to implement a suitable Quality Management System that meets the requirements of ISO 9001 & BASEC PCR Clause 2.6 Standard and continually improve its effectiveness to satisfy the needs and expectations of Customers. This is supported by establishing and reviewing documented Quality Objectives.
    The Managing Director acts as the Management Representative for the Quality Management System. He is responsible for and has the authority for maintaining this Quality Policy, the Quality Management System, its implementation and reviews its suitability and effectiveness. The Quality Assurance Manager acts as a Deputy Management Representative.
    Copies of the manual & its supporting procedures, as applicable, are held by functional heads, there by ensuring that appropriate information is available to all employees.


    The mission of National Cables Industry is to "Power the Nation" by manufacturing excellent quality cables. The mission is based on strong technological base, continuous improvements and maintaining high quality standards.
    From its beginning National Cables has been totally "Committed to Quality". National Cables have only one ambition, to be seen as best by our customers.


    The Values of National Cables Industry are a set of deeply held beliefs that govern and guide our behaviour in meeting our objectives and in dealing with each other, our stakeholders, our customers and society as a whole.

    • We have trust and respect for individuals. We have a firm understanding that people want to do a good job and will do so if given the proper support and tools.
    • We do our business with uncompromising integrity. We expect NCI people to be open and honest in their interactions and dealing to earn the trust and loyalty of others. As a practical matter, ethical conduct cannot be assured by written policies and codes, it must be an integral part of the organization, a deeply embedded tradition.
    • We achieve our common objective thro us It teamwork. We recognize that it is only through effective cooperation within and among the teams that we can achieve our goals and objectives. Our commitment is to work as a team to satisfy and delight our customers, stakeholders and others who depend on us.
    • We encourage flexibility and continuous improvement. We create a work environment which supports the diversity of our people and their ideas we strive for overall objectives which are clearly stated and agreed upon and allow people flexibility in working towards goals in ways which they think determine are best for the organization.

    NCI General Manager: Mr.Maher Al samman